06 Mar 2023 Updates

Member Interview: ANALISIS-DSC with Laura Torres

ANALISIS-DSC is a Spanish engineering SME in the area of mechanics and industrial processes, focusing on the areas of fluid mechanics (CFD), heat transfer, mechanical-structural (FEA) and granular flows (DEM) using CAE software tools. Specifically, we work in:

  • Basic Engineering
  • Failure Engineering
  • Products and Industrial process Optimization
  • Industrial Process Scale-up
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

We participated as partners in the H2020 SPIRE project about process intensification (IbD). Currently we are participating in 4 European H2020 projects: ASTEP related to solar thermal energy, BioSPRINT about biorefineries, NanoPAT related to nanotechnology and DIY4U about FMCG customization. Additionally, we are currently involved in 2 Horizon Europe projects: DIVINE related to agriculture and EXCEED related to mining. Finally, we have been awarded another project in energy to be started in April 2023.


Interview with Laura Torres

Why did you decide to become a BioNanoNet member and what do you expect from the membership?

Laura Torres: We would like to show the applications/analysis that are possible to provide with CAE (Computational Aided Engineering) engineering services and how useful they are. We would like to share our knowledge and experience in nanotechnology, as we are partners in the NanoPAT H2020 project. Moreover, we would like to meet other companies in other countries and collaborate with them in the development of projects, including European projects.

Sustainability is a core value of BNN. What strategies have you implemented to improve your organization’s sustainability?

Laura Torres: We are an engineering services company and sustainability is implemented as our colleagues are doing home office.

What led you to your profession?

Laura Torres: I wanted to be part of a big multinational company and wanted to be an important part of its decision-making.

What does your typical workday look like?

Laura Torres: I start reviewing my emails, and from there I develop many different tasks, contacting potential clients, participating in B2B, preparing documents, preparing some social media contents and sharing them, participating in videoconferences of European projects, helping my CEO, etc.

What’s the best aspect of your job?

Laura Torres: Having the flexibility to do my work and being able to make decisions.

What would you advise a young person considering working in your field?

Laura Torres: Be open to doing many different tasks and learning many things.

Who are people in your field that inspire you?

Laura Torres: Managers of big, well-known multinational companies.


5-second answers


What was your dream job when you were a kid?

Laura Torres: To be a teacher

If you could study anything (new) right now, what would it be?

Laura Torres: Translation for many different languages

Office, home office or hybrid?

Laura Torres: Hybrid

Which book have you most enjoyed reading lately?

Laura Torres: Böses Blut (Bad Blood) by Robert Galbraith

If you could make any activity an Olympic discipline, in which would you win a medal?

Laura Torres: 100m running

What is your motto?

Laura Torres: Try to do your best in all what you do.



Laura Torres Gordo
ANALISIS-DSC – Dynamic & Security Computations, S. L.