23 Feb 2023 - 23 Feb 2023 3:00 pm Online Event

Webinar “Comparison of Biotest HSA and Recombinant HSA for the Preparation of Nano Albumin Bound (nab) Paclitaxel using Microfluidizer® Technology”

Nano albumin bound (nab) technology is used to produce Abraxane®, the 1st approved HSA formulation, which contains the drug Paclitaxel.

As the most abundant protein present in human plasma, human serum albumin (HSA) has the ability to bind to metabolic and/or hydrophobic and hydrophilic active substances.

In this process, Paclitaxel is mixed with HSA in an aqueous medium and passed through a high-pressure Microfluidizer® processor to form drug-albumin nanoparticles in the size range of 100-200 nm.

This session will present the processability and properties of nab Paclitaxel using Biotest HSA in comparison to a commercially available recombinant HSA.

Quality parameters including content of small peptides, fatty acids, aggregates, binding characteristics of site II and the redox state in terms of cysteine-34 of Biotest HSA and other commercially available HSA solutions will also be discussed.

Our presenters will share their insights into:

  • Exploration of the processability and properties of nab Paclitaxel using Biotest HSA
  • Comparison of Biotest HSA to commercially available recombinant HSA.
  • Manufacturing considerations for Nab Paclitaxel (such as cGMP requirements, repeatability and scalability)

Time of session: 15:00 CEST (9 AM EST)
Speakers: Dr. Liye Maeyama, Dr. Carolin Tetyczka and Matt Laferriere

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