21 Jul 2022 - 04 Aug 2022 Online Event

OpenTox Summer School 2022

This summer school will be focused on the practical use of in silico tools in predictive toxicology and risk assessment. The materials will be aimed at scientists and practitioners who are not necessarily modelling experts themselves but would like to improve their competency and skills in using tools, models, and data analysis in their work. The school will include an introduction to topics and hands-on group exercises using open science tools supported by our new initiative to deploy OpenTox and related open science resources to the European Open Science Cloud. All activities will be carried out online (virtual meetings, Slack, shared drives, online access to software tools and data, etc.).


  1. QSAR Modelling
  2. Toxicogenomics Analysis
  3. Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment
  4. Computational Modelling
  5. Data Management and Analysis
  6. Use of New Approach Methods in Risk Assessment

Attendance is limited to the first 50 registrants, you can follow the link below to register now. ***Please note: you must be a current OpenTox Association member to receive complimentary admission to this event.


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