12 Jul 2023 - 12 Jul 2023 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Online Event

New Ways to Derisk and Accelerate Dermal Drug Development

Only one out of 24 dermal drug candidates reaches the market. The key reason for development failure is often a lack of information on drug availability and the drug‘s mode of action in the skin. This leads to expensive late-stage clinical trial failures and ultimately to delayed patient benefits.

dOFM is a sampling technology that enables continuous monitoring of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs in skin tissue. This webinar presents preclinical dOFM models and early clinical pilot studies that can be used to provide crucial information predicting the outcome of a main clinical study. The effectiveness of this approach will be demonstrated by presenting selected case studies that illustrate the predictive power of dOFM results for the clinical efficacy of drugs in development. The ability of gaining such insights at the early phase of drug product development is a key factor for pharma companies to follow a „Win Quick Fail Fast” strategy.


Thomas Birngruber, PhD

Deputy Director Joanneum Research HEALTH, Head of Research Group Biomedical Tissue Monitoring
Thomas Birngruber has a background in biomedical engineering, inter-disciplinary medical research and in-vivo sampling techniques. He has more than 15 years of experience with the use of Open Flow Microperfusion (OFM) and other sampling techniques in different tissues (brain, dermal, and adipose tissue). He has led the optimization and standardization of dermal OFM in the last few years.
Contact: thomas.birngruber@joanneum.at


Wen-Kai Hsiao, PhD

Business Developer, Biomedical Tissue Monitoring
Wen-Kai Hsiao has a background in mechanical engineering. Prior to joining Joanneum Research HEALTH he worked in a broad range of fields including academia, entrepreneurship, and advanced process development for the pharmaceutical industry.
Contact: wen-kai.hsiao@joanneum.at 


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