24 Nov 2023 - 24 Nov 2023 11:00 am - 11:45 am Online Event

Nano Mesure France Webinar

Contribution of direct-reading low cost particulate matter sensors for the NOAA exposure assessment in workplaces

Worker exposure to Nanoobjects, their Agglomerates and Aggregates (NOAA) is usually assessed in a tiered approach, in which tier 1 comprises information gathering, tier 2 a basic and tier 3 of a comprehensive assessment of the exposure. Since their introduction, low-cost particulate matter sensors (LCS) have raised increased interest in many fields, including exposure assessment. Due to their low cost and small size, LCS allow for the establishment of sensor networks in workplaces for a permanent monitoring of particulate concentrations with high spatio-temporal resolution as part of a tiered approach.

The available LCS are all based on the measurement of light, scattered by particles, and determine their number and/or mass concentration in different size fractions, based on a prior calibration and adjustment. This calibration is crucial for obtaining accurate results.

The webinar will introduce the tiered approach and the working principle of the sensors and will demonstrate what needs to be done to use them in a tiered workplace exposure assessment.

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