10 Nov 2023 Events

BNN organizes “Green Event” for SusChem-AT Focus Day 2023

SusChem-AT initiated the topic of “Green Chemical Engineering” in Austria with its Focus Day on November 6th, 2023, coordinated by BNN, with organisational support from TU Vienna. The event was awarded by the Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology with the Austrian Ecolabel “Green Meeting” certificate.

As a “Green Meeting”, we encouraged participants to

  •  arrive via public transportation (or bike!)
  •  stay in a hotel with an eco-label
  •  utilize the environmentally friendly offerings of their hotels
  • assist in waste reduction and waste separation both at the hotel and during the event.

The content of the meeting was also green. The first part of the event covered interesting keynote speeches on the relevance of the topic “Sustainable Chemistry” and presentations of initial developments and initiatives of the Austrian community.

The second part dealt with “The Importance of Application of Green Chemical Engineering” with contributions on technology assessment from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as cross-sectoral industrial advancements.

We were happy to receive roughly 70 people on the wheelchair-accessible premises of TU Vienna at TUtheSky. Huge thanks to those involved in the organization of this successful event!