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Leverage our specialized Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD) expertise throughout your research and development process. BNN works with you to develop strategies and comprehensive methodologies to assess safety and sustainability issues, especially when dealing with advanced materials. Together, we create science-driven holistic approaches to continuously optimize your R&D&I activities towards SSbD.

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Assessment of critical hotspots

Holistic screening to identify case-specific critical hotspots related to safety and sustainability along the whole life cycle and at any tier level of development of a chemical, material, product, or process. Preliminary qualitative SSbD impact assessment, providing guidance on target categories to optimize safety and sustainability performance.

Risk assessment and mitigation strategies

Advice on risk management solutions based on State-of-the-Art scientific knowledge and guidelines, aligned with SSbD principles.

Research in occupational health & safety

Qualitative and (semi-)quantitative analysis of potential exposure at the workplace, both at lab- and industrial scale.

Toxicology and ecotoxicology assessment

Evaluation and interpretation of (eco-)toxicology testing procedures and results.

Environmental fate and impact

Approaching new material and product development beyond its functionality, looking at the broader impact (cradle to grave approach).  

Socio-economic analysis & ethics

Gathering relevant data and information through qualitative research to identify and analyze potential socio-economic impacts of new technologies, including ethics considerations.

Data gap approach (via our strategic partners)

Access to an extensive network of partners to address any data gaps that arise and ensure steady progress towards pre-defined SSbD objectives.

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