12 Sep 2022 Updates

Social Media Webinar offers tips for effective science communication

BNN’s September 7th webinar “Promoting your research on social media” brought together participants from research, project management, communications and beyond to learn basic Do’s and Don’ts of social media use for promoting research, especially in EU-funded projects.

Caitlin Ahern, Scientific Communications & Dissemination Manager at BNN, led the webinar to 45 participants, focusing on optimizing text and visuals for LinkedIn and Twitter. There was lively discussion amongst the participants on a variety of questions, from the difference between hashtags and tags, to privacy concerns when recording videos. A Mentimeter poll at the beginning and end showed that most participants acquired new knowledge and feel more confident using social media moving forward.

The webinar was open to the public.

The presentation is available for BioNanoNet members in the Members Area.