15 Apr 2024 Updates


We are happy to present you the pitch presentation of our BioNanoNet member PROSPECTIVE INSTRUMENTS.

Our BioNanoNet member Prospective Instruments is a start-up located in Dornbirn, Austria, and Regensdorf, Switzerland. Founded by Dr. Lukas Krainer, it started operations in 2019.

Their main goal is it to provide the research and clinical community with a turn-key, flexible, modular and highly compact multimodal imaging platform.

Their MPX multiphoton microscope allows a large number of different experiments due its easy-to-use and flexible design. It provides a large working space underneath the 360-frontend, allowing intravital microscopy from any angle and positioning. Multimodal imaging including two-photon, SHG and epi-widefield fluorescence in the same region of the sample gains orthogonal data sets and addresses a broad range of different samples. Additional imaging techniques like Fluorescence Lifetime (FLIM) imaging or other contrast building techniques like CARS, SRS or PARS could maximize informational content and yield complementary data sets. Future developments will include improvements for even higher imaging resolutions and depth by implementing adaptive optics techniques and three-photon microscopy. Their FXS stand-alone femtosecond Lasers offer extended possibilities since they are turn-key, multi-wavelength, air-cooled & 24/7 operational.