31 May 2023 - 31 May 2023 12:15 pm - 12:00 pm Online Event

Metrology and material characterization of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) with high frequency ultrasound

Talk will be held in English – or potentially in German if only German speaking listeners are participating!
Webinar will be offered as ZOOM-session – please register to receive login-data in due time!
Login from 12:00 on, talk 12:15 – 12:45 + Q&A and open discussion…


Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are part of a large number of products used in everyday life. Due to their often large number of units, their optimization and further development is of great economic and ecological importance.

In this talk, a method of laser-based, non-contact high-frequency ultrasonic characterization, developed specifically for microsystems, will be presented.

The characterization of electroacoustic filters (BAW filters), which are an integral part of cell phones and telecommunication infrastructure, serves as a concrete application example.

Speaker: Dr. Martin Ryzy, Senior Scientist Acoustics, RECENDT

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