25 Nov 2022 - 25 Nov 2022 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Online Event

IRISS-SSbD Network: Workshop on the application of SSbD concept in materials and chemicals

Join the first IRISS workshop on the application of Safe and Sustainable by Design concept in materials and chemicals

To ensure that materials are sustainable for humans and the environment, to increase recycling and use resources in a more efficient way, efforts are required from an early stage of design and manufacturing.

In June the major EU initiative IRISS was launched – aiming to connect, synergize and transform the Safe and Sustainable by Design community in Europe and globally towards a lifecycle approach, with a holistic integration of safety, climate neutrality, circularity and functionality.

The 25th of November it’s time for IRISS first digital workshop. Please join us to find out more about the important work in the field of Safe and Sustainable by Design.

At the workshop you will:

  • Get an overview of mapping on Safe by Design in chemicals and materials
  • Get information on if Safe by Design tools can be used to define Safe and Sustainable by Design
  • Learn more about how sustainability can be evaluated at design phase of the products and process development
  • Learn more about the value chain perspective on implementation of Safe and Sustainable by Design
  • Be included to IRISS project network and receive news and invites to future events

Objective of the workshop

  • To support the State-of-The-Art mapping activities of SSbD
  • To obtain first insights on how to translate the framework for SSbD criteria to practical methodologies and tools for SSbD
  • To identify the applicability of the framework, alongside challenges and barriers from a value chain perspective of SSbD

Visit the event website for the agenda.

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