20 Dec 2023 Updates

BNN meets JR COREMED – Labtour 2023


In the Western world, approximately one to four percent of the population currently grapples with chronic wounds, affecting an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 individuals in Austria alone. With our population aging and the prevalence of chronic diseases on the rise, a significant increase in the number of people with chronic wounds is anticipated. Consequently, the costs of treating these patients are expected to rise significantly.

At present, treatment strategies for many of these conditions primarily focus on alleviating symptoms, as true healing is often elusive. This is precisely where COREMED steps in.

COREMED aims to better understand the fundamental processes of healing and to provide targeted support. This endeavor is set to lead to the development of new products and therapies. Furthermore, COREMED has committed itself to being a partner in demonstrating and elucidating the precise mechanisms of existing products.

COREMED places particular emphasis on the following research areas in the field of wound healing:

  1. Acute and chronic wounds
  2. Hypertrophic scars and keloids
  3. Testing and advancing wound dressing materials

Additionally, COREMED has a strong focus on the development of 3D skin models. These cutting-edge models offer a sophisticated alternative to traditional 2D cell cultures, aiming to replicate the complexity of human skin more accurately. This advanced approach provides researchers with a more reliable platform for studying skin biology, disease mechanisms, wound healing, responses to environmental factors, and the efficacy of various skincare products.

Under the leadership of Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Lars-Peter Kamolz, MSc, and Deputy Head Ass. Prof. Mag.a Dr. Petra Kotzbeck, COREMED stands at the forefront of innovative research in wound healing.

In a recent collaboration, BNN had the privilege of visiting COREMED’s laboratory. The experience provided us with deep insights into their groundbreaking research methods and facilities. We are excited about the potential impact of COREMED’s work and look forward to continued collaboration in advancing the field of wound healing.

For more information about COREMED’s initiatives and ongoing research, please visit their official website.

Some Impressions of the visit:

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